GOVT. LIC NO: 912/067/068

Whistle Blower Policy


Helps us fight business crime. Every violation report is important and helps us to prevent economic losses and damage to our reputation. With your help, we can ensure our integrity and reliability and thereby also our success.

The whistleblower policy may not be used to make false accusations against others, and altogether, deliberately untrue information may not be reported.

We encourage you to provide your name in the report. All reports are strictly confidential.


The Whistleblower Policy is intended to address the concerns of employees relating to any wrongdoing within the Company, enabling them to report suspected occurrence(s) of illegal, unethical or inappropriate actions, behaviors or practices.

Key wrongdoings (indicative) are stated below:

  • Violation of Code of Conduct and Ethics for employees
  • Misuse of office and authority
  • Any fraud
  • Failure to comply with legal, compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Actual or suspected fraud or irregularities including forgery or alteration of documents
  • Discrimination against a member of staff, service recipient or service provider on grounds of sex, caste, religion or disability
  • Cases of conflict of interest
  • Leakage or suspected leakage of documents
  • Any other form of inappropriate/unethical/unlawful action or conduct (conduct may be considered unethical if it undermines universal core ethical values such as integrity and honesty)